Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tuesdays with Drum and Bass

I don't even realize what time it is anymore. I think I'll get home at a reasonable hour and day light breaks as I unlock the door. My final boliche bang was tonight at drum and bass for Santi's birthday. We danced all OVER the place to that fast fast paced beat. You feel and think it might be normal for a few moments, and then it speeds speeds speeds up and you are dancing fast and silly and badly to keep up but so is everyone else. Its actually really fun.
Lately I've preferred not to read on the bus. Instead I've been staring out the window, people watching, overlooking the city, observing the architecture as we speed by, change speeds, and leave my stomach in the last street we've left trying to catch us. Its like a constant roller coaster on the bus here, lurching forward and then quickly to a stop that throws you off balance and sometimes into somebody or something.
Its hard saying goodbye to students. I just don't want to do these things. They are so amazing. They've given me more than they could ever know. I can't imagine Friday without them all. And I won't until Friday rolls around.
This is such a big moment, and I remember how much I was freaking out when I came here. I was sure it wouldn't last or work or succeed, this crazy experiment of ours. I was sure everybody would be right and we would have to come home early because we couldn't make it here on our own. Those worries of co-habituating with someone and finding some job are so far away now, but really they are the same worries I have now for this future. The possibility of taking a job for its benefits even though it compromises everything. Money troubles that are magnified by consumerism in the States, starting all over again. And yet I know all that will be easier because of family and friends and all that and all what my work here has taught me. Well, tomorrow is really the day for getting sentimental. Enough for now, I'll try to find more time to write tomorrow.

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Jenny said...

hang in there! I'm so proud of you two for making it in Argentina... for working and living on your own, I'm sure you could do it indefinitely, but there is a reason you are going back. And it is going to be great once you get accustomed to everything up there again. There's people all over the world that love you! I look forward to more updates. cheers