Wednesday, February 17, 2010

El Calafate Dreamin

After a tulmutuous journey from Puerto Madryn to El Calafate, which included more than 5 hours of waiting in bus terminals and more than a day of travel in total, we finally arrived at our southernmost destination last night. So far so good, the town is small and situated right on the Lago Argentino, only a bit of which we can see before it stretches into the mountains. We will venture into those mountains tomorrow in order to view the Perito Moreno Glacier, which is very exciting. Due to a lack of easily accesible internet our posts will become less frequent over the next week or so, but we will be sure to update you with stories and photos once we reach Bariloche. Until then, our warmest regards from this cold place near the end of the world, and many hugs and kisses.

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Shelley Rolf said...

it's only right that you two northeasterners have a little taste of winter this year. thanks for keeping us posted. xoxo