Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chilean Earthquake

Just a quick note from San Martin de Los Andes.
We were in El Bolson for two days. It wasn´t my favorite part of the trip, but we did make some good food and drink some good beer. We arrived in Bariloche yesterday afternoon and did some exploring. Adam and Chris, two guys we met in El Chalten, arrived last night and this morning we rented a car and hit the road.
However, last night I did wake up to crazy sounds and a rocking bed. I was sure I was having a bad dream which at the time involved what felt like giant trees falling to the ground all around me, and then promptly forgot about it in the morning until I came downstairs and everybody was asking everybody else if they had felt "it." "It" of course being the devestating earthquake in Chile that happened around 4:30 yesterday morning. We felt it, but no damage done over hear. We are safe and sound and I was really excited about feeling the earth shaking for about 2 seconds until I found out it killed people. Its pretty unbelievable and scary!
However, we are fine and enjoying the incredible senery of the lake district and I didn´t want anyone to worry! Hopefully we´ll be swimming in a few hours!!
Besos a todos!


Ann Behar said...

Thanks Jules! Good to know you are safe. Take care of your precious self.

Josh said...
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Jenny said...

I know it's a bit late to respond to this but I'm so glad you two are safe!! I know how scary it can be experiencing an earthquake (we get about 500 a year in Alaska. yes, 500, but we only feel about 3-10 per year and it's freaky every single time!) I didn't feel anything in Buenos Aires, and to tell the truth some friends and I were in a shady boliche buried in San Telmo at that time... its cuz we got stranded out there with a bunch of alcohol because we missed a going away party in an apartment right across from Red Door... ya. Glad we're all safe =D