Monday, February 1, 2010

Cadallacs Depspedida Fotos!!!!

For those of you who think a picture is worth a thousand words, here are nineteen photos from our despedida de los Cadillacs. I didn't write nearly half that so this is for all those visual learners out there:

We'll just start with a classic Nick photo

Josh with the #1 fan - Miss Fani

No f-ing way, can't believe it still - our song played

Pao and Gabi

Fani, Pao and Me

Gabi and Me

The boys

Mili, Me, Blair, Fani, Hanah

Nick loves Chori!!!

Josh reallllllly loves chori

And Felipe really love Josh!!!

Felipe, Josh, Gabi

Diego, Josh, and Nick

Josh and Me listening to our speeches

Making speeches



Juan P's glasses

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Jenny said...

ahhh almost makes me cry. I barely know you guys and you're leaving. Thanks for sharing the pictures!