Monday, February 8, 2010

Its the Final Countdown!! - Our Very Own Despedida

On Saturday night, at Casa Cochobamba, we had our official leaving party where upwards of 40 people showed up to party with us one more time before we leave this Thursday. They starting showing up at 11:30 and in Argentine style kept on arriving for hours and the last guests left after they napped for awhile at 1pm on Sunday. The party was full of dancing, fruity beverages, speeches and surprisingly few tears.
One of me most memorable moments for me was Josh's speech where he thanked Nick. Its strange to think of, but out of everyone I know here, I really only have one friend that is not directly related to my relationship with Nick (of course there were others but they all left). Through Nick we came to Frisbee where we met Jessica who brought us to Casa Cochobamba and there I met Uli, Santi, and subsequently Coy, Jeremy, and many more. He's been an incredible friend that has hooked us up with incredible connections and he has supported us through everything. He's even supported our choice to go back even though I'm pretty sure its the last thing he wants us to do. If someone had told me over a year ago that Nick would become one of my best friends I would have been pretty surprised. We were an unlikely couple. But now I can't imagine life without him. Blog tears...

At Shabbat dinner the night before the party the rain was never ending and everyone showed up in flannel

Amazing gifts from Colombia brought to us by Gabi!!

Diego, Alex, Felipe, Ian, guy visiting from China, Maxi, and Me!

Leonardo brought drink materials and he kept saying that he was going to make takaries. I was like, ooooh, a new Argentine beverage and I ran around telling everyone to grab a delicious takari. I started laughing when I found out that how they pronounce daquiri in Argentine!!!
so silly...

Poor Juan P (on the right) took a nap in Stef's bed and woke up reallllly confused and not happy about the family photo

Coy and Gus and Manzi

Paola, Gabi, and Alex
Jenny (my newest friend and blog commenter)

Of course we ran out of cups...luckily the Argentines have a solution for everything!

Martin and me

Dancing the Chacarera with Emi

Ian on the guitar

Bring in a new day on the roof

Felipe, Paola and myself staying on the real roof

Fani and Felipe

Fani and Jeremy...bonding...


Fernet: $10 a bottle
Coke: $4 a bottle
Singing "The Circle of Life" from the Lion King at dawn, shirtless on the roof: Priceless

others had thrown in the towel

So it was an amazing party, I danced my pants off with Jeremy and the did Chacarera with Emilliano, and took photo shoots with Chapi, and danced tango with Martin and Josh. It was the best despedida a girl could have asked for. We slept till about one and waited for the rain to go away. Fani and I watched a movie and cuddled on the couch, and then the sun finally came out!!
I headed to the Recoleta Feria to pick up a gift for Santi's birthday and a new wooden maté that I couldn't stop thinking about. Leo (our new roommate who really hasn't received a proper introduction) and his visiting friend came with and it was nice to stroll through the stalls one last time.
Leo Pollack - most recent roomie and British addition to Casa Cochobamba. During the day he promotes Neti Pots and by night he's a dancing queen (sometimes with me at Karaoke). I wish I had more time with this one.

Last night the party continued at Nick's old place where we watched the Super Bowl and ate US food. Macaroni and Chili....yum.... I was too tired to get into the party spirit, but Felipe brought us a present each!! Cadillac hats!!!! The Saints win felt like a good omen to me, maybe Josh will end up at Tulane, and maybe not. But it felt like a good sign. If the Saints could win their first superbowl...who knows what we can do. Of course, with the addition of Josh's mustache life is soo much easier anyway...


Ann Behar said...

Jules, after reading this and seeing the photos, I find it astonishing that you are actually leaving!

Reed said...

Sorry I missed the fiesta, kiddos. Looks like it was a grand and fitting send-off. Suerte con el viaje. Nos vemos pronto, ´kay?

Jenny said...

LOVE your pictures! (the one of me and you is much more flattering than the one I took.. haha). MAN it's amazing how people can influence you... it starts with one person, in your case it was Nick. In my case it was a mix of Chrissy telling me about frisbee, and Josh talking with me after the first saturday I came, he really made me feel welcome, and was a big reason why I returned the following week. I mean of course everyone made me feel welcome, and Diana was actually the first person I spoke to as I walked onto the field that first day... I know it won't be the same without you guys! But people are coming and going through Buenos Aires all the time, it's part of the life. You have to say goodbye in order to say hello I suppose... besos!