Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gauchos Have the Coolest Boots

And the silliest hats...
Or so I discovered at La Rural, a fair that happens once a year in Buenos Aires that can be likened to a county fair in Indiana but in BA with Gaucho culture.
You could smell the cows before entering the building, and then I realized it was more than just cows. The first large building held all kinds of livestock.

Lamas and goats and cows oh my!

Definitely a prize winner:

Just chilling...

So cows are REALLY big. I realized I've seen many cows in my life, but never this up close, and never this many kinds. They really are beautiful.

Kind of like a colorless Argentine flag:

Nick and his Vermont Holstein (all I could think was Ben and Jerry's):

Udders are so funny looking!!! And these weren't even the fullest!

I saw this and thought of you Patrick:

After the livestock room we went outside and saw all there was to see. There was a lot going on, but sadly no fried dough.
Gauchos with horses getting ready for the fair:

Wind energy display:

Cheese and sausage and ham shops.
I got a few free samples, but they weren't as readily available as I had hoped.

Next came the bird house complete with a peacock!:

Hens and Roosters can be a lot more beautiful than I previously realized. I could see many future hats made out of these feathers...

Say something...or get close enough and this rooster will f you up

Very regal:

Next we went outside to horse track where Argentines were dressed in their estancia finest. I really liked these beret like hats that can be worn with a brim or a neck protector. Your choice.

A blur of horses :

I couldn't believe this rabbit was real. He was definitely up to something. World domination perhaps, or how to get Jessica rabbit back.

While it was kinda stinky, La Rural was a cool expose of rural life in Argentina. While I didn't get a good photo, the Gauchos by far are wearing the coolest boots in the city. Lucky for me the tickets were free from Nick's flatmate, and if they were free again next year I would probably go back! (mostly just to leer at hot Gauchos in hot boots and silly hats)

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Ann Behar said...

I did not see one hot gaucho! No fair! I did like the rabbit intent on world domination, though!