Sunday, August 2, 2009

Flogging!!!! (foto blogging)

So I've been bad about photos, and Nick reminded me of this so I went through with the not so tedious task of uploading photos and now I shall try to write witty captions to amuse you.

Uli made a big sandwich that looked like a photo, and then tried to eat it:

We happened upon a movie set for a big time production for a movie about the Spanish Civil War. Our beautiful street Caseras was transformed into a war zone with ripped awnings, political posters, old cars, and lots of people in costumes. We got tired of waiting for the promised explosion but got some photos before heading to the Eco Reserve.

Only the street is real

The buildings are real, but this non-cobblestoned street was covered in dirt, sand bags, and fun stuff.

Yesterday morning we woke up to a peculiar sight. Dan had gone to new levels to amuse himself and had brought home some hippies. Yes, that's a unicycle that Uli is attempting to ride in our dining room.

Their bags were stereotypically filled with circus stuff like juggling equipment.

An old guitar to play while friends are juggling

Earrings for sale! In my house!!

Mike, the guy in black coat is Dan's partner in crime (when is he going to start paying rent and get in on the cleaning rotation?, he's here more than Santi is) and enabler. They have this thing against going to bed, and do really stupid stuff together that cracks them and only them up. Hey, whatever works for you.
When asked what the f%&k Dan was thinking bringing a bunch of wasted circus folk into our house, he responded that he could see where we were coming from, but he only sees the good in people and never wants the party to end. Luckily they were very nice (even though the girls kept crying) and nothing went missing. One point for Dan being lucky.

Santi (the only person to actually give me a present yet) gave me these AWESOME sneakers for my birthday. It means more to me than he could ever know.

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