Tuesday, August 4, 2009

23 And It Feels So Good

My birthday luckily fell on a Sunday. Sundays are my favorite here because I don't work Monday so I can truly relax. No Ultimate, no work, no worries. It was just a normal Sunday with Josh and Effie on the grill:

Nick juicing oranges:

Dan on his computer while walking around....

But we had MIMOSAS!!!!! That made it extra special!

It was a beautiful day only tainted by the fact that Uli had gotten beat up the night before. Well, two 16 year olds attempted to mug him, he still has his stuff and he says one of them might be dead. Not to sure about this story but his face did take a small beating.

Of course he still looks fabulous

All my expat friends were there and sadly none of the Argentines showed up. I guess they didn't take the brunch invitation seriously because they don't have brunch here? I'll go with that one because I know I'm too important in all of their lives to have them not show up for any other reason.

Manzi becomes the star of her own photo shoot while I'm not looking

The night ended with cards and whisky and while Uli was shocked that we would eat with breakfast he took it in stride and joined us like a champ.

Thanks for all of you who showed up and for all the birthday wishes from my friends in the States (and all those random people on facebook that I haven't talked to in years but have too much time on their hands)


Patrick said...

okay...sixth picture from the bottom

Did we take chemistry class with someone in that picture?

Josh said...

Nice power of observation. We did.