Monday, August 31, 2009

Club Cultural Matienzo

Last night I had the distinct pleasure to accompany Stephanie to the Matienzo Cultural Center in Palermo. I had idea what to expect, but I was on my way to one of the cooler "hole-in-the-wall" (favorite new expression that I have taught to Marina) locations that I have been to in this city. The cultural center is located in an old house and has various rooms filled with various degrees of furniture. There were a few people lounging on couches, eating food prepared from the house's kitchen that functions as a small cafe, or drinking beers. Most people there, however, were there for the Sunday night movie which was held on the roof top giving us a chance to enjoy the cooling breeze that would soon be bringing the Santa Rosa (a famous storm that visits the same time every year. The seating arrangements were rows of beach chairs and thin mattresses with pillows on the floor, and the small roof was filled with very cool looking people (what the Argentines call Bo-bo which is short for Bohemian bourgeoisie and we eagerly shared our favorite version of the phrase: bougie bi**h. Their's is nicer sounding). The movie that night was Hedwig and the Angry Inch, a movie about an East German who's sex operation goes wrong and become a punk rock star in the states. Oh, and its a musical keeping in theme with their Sunday night theme: Héroes Musicales.
We were invited by Steph's student/amigo David and I was happy to make a new friend, see a movie I'd never seen, and discover a cool new place all at once!!! I can't wait till next Sunday. At 6 pesos, comfy beach chairs and free baskets of popcorn the evening is not only a good deal but very fun. The rooftop is also beautifully painted with trippy flying pigs among other things and an inspiration to what could be done with our own drab roof top terrace...hmmm....could be good. I'll get back to you all about that idea.

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