Saturday, August 8, 2009


I'm jazzed up on maté (Brian's phrase) and missing you, my blog. Anyway, this totally counts as a part of the adventure, and apparently I can't stay away.
My trip home went off with out a hitch once I remembered the $800 in US cash I had received to buy things for various people. Previous to this I realized it had been dumb not to bring the 300 pesos I needed to escape Argentina's borders without bribing and a border dash and that my card wouldn't work in any of the cash machines. I pretty much was on the verge of a serious break down with mental images of me missing my flight and stuck in BA forever and was going to one more ATM (which didn't work) when I remember the cash. The immigrations guy thought I was insane and told me to chill out. I for once was not offended by this advice seeing as I needed it.
The plane made me a little nervous because the overhead compartments wouldn't stay shut during take off, but the dinner was shockingly delicious for plane food (I had the chicken and it was quite moist!) and with the last sips of my second mini bottle of wine I swallowed a delectable expired sleeping pill and spread out over the three empty seats I miraculously had all to myself. I woke up just in time for breakfast.
Customs was disappointing since I didn't get my "Welcome back to America" from the grumpy customs man that I was so excited for, but we arrived early to Laguardia and while it took a while for Mom and Mia to find me we were reunited and it felt so great!!! The drive back took forever, and we spent the rest of the afternoon running errands, seeing Grandma, picking Patrick up from the train station. We took a refreshing dip in the pool, had an amazing cocktail called "lot's o passion" and had a killer Shabbat dinner. All I can say is its so good to be back.
Also, that the Clean Air Act is amazing. We pulled up to the house and my first though was, "Wow, its smells amazing here." The summer rains have left the grass lush and green and smelling sweet. Its loud here too, but with the sounds of birds, cicadas, and an occasional BMW or 4x4 driving by.
Driving Patrick home from the train station I had my first moments to myself since I've been back, and after I got over the fact that I am actually a better driver than when I left I started to process what its like to be home. I got this weird feeling in my stomach that I have yet to discover the meaning of, but I can't wait to get Erin's number so I can call her and trade stories and talk about homecoming with someone who just did it a few weeks ago. As she said when we skyped a week ago, I already feel so far away. Unlike Erin I'll be going back in two weeks, but my visit is saddened by the fact that I may never get to come back to this beautiful house again. I'll take advantage of the pool everyday I can, and I think truly appreciate our home more than I ever have and what a paradise we inhabit here. As Ted observed when he returned: we just have so much here. So while Mia, Mom and Kenny are picking up a coffee table (the first our family has ever owned) I will go for a dip (even though we walked more than four miles already today) and then get ready for the Electronic Music Festival Patrick and I are going to tonight in Brooklyn. And of course I will keep on enjoying the good life here at 34 Colfax rd that is so at odds with living la vida loca at Casa Cochobamba.

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Ann Behar said...

What? No mention of the kickass bagel and lox kit your Mom brought to the airport???