Monday, August 24, 2009

Bittersweet Return

And so I return to Buenos Aires with my new backpack and let the adventures truly begin again. After a long but somewhat easy journey (Delta has the best food!) that began in a car at 1:30 pm and ended at 10 am in a taxi I returned to a quiet and startlingly clean house. Those who were home weren't up yet, and I got to enjoy my ritual of unpacking the way I like to: alone and with no questions or sounds. A moment in my hectic life to decompress and ease back into life here. Of course in reality I was welcomed by life here and a cloud of cigarette smoke the moment I stepped out of the airport after an easy walk through customs (such a great country to be an undocumented illegal immigrant in).
Leaving the States was much harder this time around, and my departure was full of tears. I didn't want to leave my parents, and couldn't stay and they wouldn't fit in my new backpack so I held them as close as possible and remembered why I went to Argentina in the first place and that I couldn't come back till I was somewhere closer to fluent in Spanish than now and held them close again and kissed them again and wiped away my tears as I went through security.
Growing up is so hard.
It is good to be back though. Steph and I went for a walk today to the Congreso and then I had my favorite liquado (peach and strawberry) at La Poesía (an excellent cafe in our neighborhood) and cooked dinner for Josh (he deserved it after cleaning the whole house for me!)
Much reflecting must happen but I don't want to go all cliché on anybody here, so I won't blabber about it now, but it certainly was weird to be back. For now I want to thank everyone I saw while home for going out of there way to make it to see me and for the good times. Also to my parents and Mia for being incentive enough to come back one of these days. It was first time we took vacation and didn't go anywhere and the best vacation we've had. Miss you all already but I hear the plane tickets are getting cheaper!! And the peso is going down!!!! And Josh cooks a mean steak on the grill!!! So what I'm saying is get on down here!!! and goodnight...


Sami Khan said...

I m missing Alex alot

Julia said...

me too Sami, me too