Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend Update

I know it’s been a few days, but you will have to forgive my absence because I've been so busy, or very tired from being busy. Let me fill you in on the details of our second weekend in BsAs. Friday we ate a quiet dinner at home and then left to meet up with Nick at a bar called Jackie O in Palermo that was suggested to us by a guy who works for EBC (where I take my TEFL course). We took the bus and of course we were late because we are us. We met up with my friend Erin in front of the bar and then spent half an hour looking for an ATM because Palermo is too fancy to have more than one ATM in one square mile. When we got correct directions (after many misleading ones) we were told in Spanish by two old men: "Oh, it is around the corner to the right, but very often there is a vigilante so be careful." Thus warned we proceeded to the ATM on guard but there were no vigilantes in sight, and we made it to the bar only one hour late. By this time it was 1 am and most of the Argentines in the neighborhood had finally wrapped up their dinners and we headed into the bar. Upstairs we met many of my classmates who I introduced to Josh. The rest of the night involved your average amount of shenanigans which were enhanced by the addition of Fernet into our lives. Nick was insistent that this was the only drink for real Argentinean men to drink but I dodged any attempts made to order me a Fernet. Josh was not so lucky to escape the night without consuming his fair share. All of a sudden the lights went on and my eyes checked my watch. To my surprise it was already around six o'clock in the morning!! Yes!!! I had succeeded! It only took two Fridays in BsAs to party till morning, dance till the sun rose, and to take the bus home in dawn’s bright light (which is much safer than at the dead of night). I decided this was the course to take in the future if not for the fun of it but the safety!
So the night was a success, many bonds were formed and none broken. We arrived home at 6:30 am and shared the street with a surprising amount of other young people on their way home and of course those heading in the opposite journey: out to start their day. After a quick hydration on the balcony we slept dreamless sleeps until 2 pm and then met Nick for schwarma and a day of Frisbee.
Now I thought I was going out for a day of harmless fun, but we were in for something serious. This was not the kind of Frisbee we played on boys’ campus at Ramah b'Poconos. Oh no, this was ULTIMATE Frisbee, and our team name is the Cadillacs as in the song "Just bought a Cadillac..." Our cheer consists of two words, cervesa and churipan. Churipan is apparently a gastronomic delight consisting of a sausage in a bun. Once eaten, a person has seen the light and will never revert back to his or her non churipan eating ways. As you will see we were kept in the dark because the cafeteria we visited after the game was only able to supply the cervesa. Alas, they were out of churipan...
So we met up in a park very far away from San Telmo where people just drive their cars out on the field and chill next to them. This makes perfect sense when you think about it, but was still unexpected and something I've never seen. There was even a cab parked next to a tree in the middle! But one never has to worry about parking and a sound system with your car by your side, so you have to admire it.
We warmed up and practiced for a while. We did jogging and drills and stretches, and I found out I am terrible at Frisbee. This team is full of amazing people though. Some Argentine, some Americans who are studying abroad (everyone tries to spend the whole time speaking Spanish though), and everybody wanted to help me improve. It was fun, and exhausting. I hadn't done so much sprinting since high school.
At this point I was, as they say, feeling the burn but it was time to walk to another field which felt like a mile away, but that might have just been me. We got some much needed water and the two BA Ultimate teams were reunited. The league only has two teams, but up until recently there was only one team so everyone knows everyone. After kissing what felt like everyone in BsAs I was truly exhausted and there was still a game to play!!
I only played for five minutes before I decided, or rather my body decided, that I had had more than enough. Oh and there was the fact that I could not really breath, but who's counting? Man am I out of shape. I was also fortunate enough to stay clear of the Frisbee! Unfortunately my team lost, but it was fun and I met many people. Argentineans are the friendliest people I have ever met, but the Colombians were great too, and the study abroad kids were very helpful. Especially one girl, Bennet, who took a liking to me and has decided to teach me Spanish. It was fun. We took a long bus ride back with intentions to go to the movies, but I was literally shaking with fatigue after a shower and fell fast asleep soon after.
We woke up on a wonderful BsAs Sunday morning (really afternoon) and lazily went to the bakery for some breakfast (yummy mezzalunas, a donut and this apple thing) which we ate on the street and then went to the market for food because out pantry was more than bare. Josh spent the rest of the day watching football with Nick, and I was treated to a wonderful day alone (something I had not done for a very long time except when in transit).

I made my third purchase (extra points if you can remember our first two...if we even mentioned it) which are a pair of beautiful handcrafted silver earrings for the sweet price of 40 pesos.

Later in the day my new friend Jen from my TEFL course finally made it down to San Telmo after I sent her all the way to the opposite end of the city on the subte by accident. We walked around what was left of the fair and I found my first BsAs drum circle!!!

Very small in comparison to Malcolm X Park, but...what isn't. There were also dozens of couples tangoing in the square which was very cute to watch. This picture is from the same spot earlier that day.

We got some wine for dinner and headed back to make our first homemade steak. A success!! It was delish and perfectly cooked thanks to Josh, and Jen and I spent the night talking as Josh passed out on the couch while the Red Sox lost (small very selfish sigh of relief for me as I no longer have to watch baseball). A very tired us went to bed after we put Jen in a taxi, and a very full and happy weekend came to a close. I am still not sure how people consistently keep up this kind of weekend, but I will keep you posted. I'm sure it has something to do with the Mate tea that I have been trying to fall in love with...I'll keep trying. Hope all is well with everyone!!


Patrick said...

PLEASE tell me you performed African Dance in the drum circle....

Ann Behar said...

What a fun, action-packed weekend! I hope you don't keep to that schedule on the weekdays, because you are a sickly child! Cute earrings! What were the other two purchases?

Julia said...

our leather belts and our mate tea gourds!!!

Ann Behar said...

Tea gourds? Don't they have thermoses in Argentina? Tea gourds???? Who are you?

Bristol 2:15 said...

keep up the posts, guys. Enjoying the colorful stories. -zan

Julia said...

you carry around a thermos to refill your mate tea gourd if you take it on the go, but at home you just use the gourd as a cup, its a thing, I'll write a post on in