Monday, October 27, 2008

Candid on the Calle Part Uno: The Color Purple

Today I got out of class early, so decided to walk home. Yes, this was a little crazy and took me an hour, but it was also the first time I remembered to bring my camera with me in a while. So, here for your viewing pleasure are candids on the calle (the street didn't sound as good).
Something I have noticed about BsAs is the absurd amount of purple on the street. To start with there is a purple subte line. There is this purple truck:

But people here like to take things to the next level. It is also all the purple pants:
Notice purple jeans, purple slacks, all kinds of purple pants. You are
also getting to see a shot of three BsAs youths in classic form.
Converse, bright color shirt, purple pants, long hair on boys and girls.
And of course coats or hoodies even though I'm sweating in long sleeves.

Of course one can not forget about the top half of the body. I've even seen a guy get on a bus here with the most beautiful purple sweater, unfortunately the only male specimen I have for you today is wearing a purple tee-shirt. We will have to make do. But people are wearing purple tops everywhere, in the street, in a park, and while dashing down the calle. Its truly all the rage.

Now some people here take purple to an even higher level. These are the folks who are all about matching. I myself have been inspired by the fashion here to attempt matching an outfit for the first time in my life. Why just this morning I realized I should wear my white sandals to match my white tank top. I know you are all thinking, "My goodness! Julia can't match for @#$%, has she changed so much since she left?" No, I have not changed so much, I am only trying to be porteño as possible. So here are a few of my inspirations:
Kids on their lunch break: these girls match each other. One has purple pants while the other might have purple pants but definitely a purple bag.

This girl went for the matching shirt and bag. A look I am not inspired to copy, but still admirable:

Now this woman is serious about matching. All others are amateurs compared to her. At first glance you notice her matching purple bag and nails. But take a closer look and you notice she also has matching purple earring and a purple scarf. That's nails, earrings, bag, and scarf all matching. I am not only jealous but amazed. She is someone for me to look up to.

Now for the woman who just goes there. She goes all the way. There is no need to describe it, it is amazing:
She is wearing an entirely purple outfit (if only her bag were purple and not white!! We were so close. Once I actually saw a woman wearing an entirely green outfit including accessories. All I could think of was if only my costume had been that cute when I was a munchkin in the Wizard of Oz. For some reason I wore valour leggings instead of a green skirt with matching...everything).

Also, I know you are wondering and yes, this was all from one walk that took an hour, and I didn't even include all of my pictures or all of the people wearing purple or the window I tried to take a picture of that had 4 out of 5 manikins wearing purple outfits. All I can say is, its a good thing I love purple.

More to come on candid on the calle...


Ann Behar said...

So is purple the national color or something? I like this entry, Jule--feels like I took the walk home with you!

Patrick said...

okay...second picture from the bottom


i would probably advise turning the paparrazi tactics down a bit...

otherwise luvs it

reminds me of Bill Cunningham's "On the Street" features for the ny times

Amelia Behar said...

hahaaa I agree with Patty on this one.. I mean really Julia, Im surprised this woman didn't attack you after you took that picture!

Josh said...

They are zoomed and cropped! I apologize if the quality of my camera is astounding!