Friday, October 10, 2008

Exploring La Boca and A New Lease

Wonderful news: All those doubters (Mom and Dad) who were waiting to buy plane tickets because they wanted to make sure we wouldn’t pack up and leave before your date of arrival can rest assured. We will be here for at least six months because we are signing a lease tomorrow. For all those who were confident (Mia and Kenny) you will be rewarded with ample space to sleep...we are just not sure if the couch is a fold out (an air mattress might be in order). Anyway, it was a nice and touristy day; very enjoyable in all senses but the olfactory. The big roads are filled with cars that are not reducing anyone’s carbon footprint and it smelled like carbon fumes most of our walk. The river also smelled pretty bad, but the sights were beautiful and colorful as promised and the really big park we found was really nice with all kinds of trees from birch to evergreen. I'm betting it’s really nice in the summer, but for now many of the leaves remain absent. We mainly

focused on the La Boca neighborhood where we got to see the La Boca Juniors' soccer stadium. After the smelly walk from La Boca back to San Telmo we decided La Boca was only worth ever returning to for a soccer game and that we would take a bus. I cannot wait for that though, it should be quite an experience. However, it was neat to see the classic buildings of the neighborhood. They were made by the first Italian immigrants from corrugated metal and whatever paint was left over from the paint used for ships. That's all for now, the next time we update should be from out new apartment!!!!!!!! I am excited to have a place all to ourselves, but I will miss the hostel. As you can see from this photo of Josh playing me in backgammon in the common space, the place was very communal, but on to bigger and better things!!


Shelley Rolf said...

We love waking up to a new blog entry. Thank you for being so great about keeping us updated. The photos are so colorful and fun. It sounds like you have had some very full and productive days since you arrived. We all send love to you both.

P.S. Josh, I think Tucker is trying to figure out where you are????

Lauren Weintraub said...

make sure you take pictures of the new place!! can't wait to see it!

Amelia Behar said...

I never knew you played backgammon!

Ann Behar said...

That last comment was from Mom, not Mia!