Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Week One Ends With A Tango!!!

Today is Wednesday, so we have been here for only a week. I know people always say this, but it feels like I've been here for so much longer. I think that's a good sign that I feel comfortable here. Today I even had the confidence to go into a pastry shop and attempt to buy Josh una torta for his birthday (I didn't see any real cake, mostly pies), and as I was about to start my conversation, who should sneak up on me but Senior Josh himself who happened to be on an outing with the aim of commandeering some cheese. He rescued me and got to pick his own torta, but the point is that I tried. I'll get there, and the people here are so nice and I do not feel too intimidated by them, only by the speed of their speech.
Life here is going well so far. We don't go out every night, only on weekends, and a typical night for us can look something like this:

Other nights can also include an excursion to the roof to explore views and maybe take a climb:

As for a daily routine I'm pretty lucky. My school is in a nice neighborhood, and the other students are all really cool. Some are older and a little quirky, but they make things interesting. I'm actually becoming friendly with some of the girls that are my age and today we talk about girl things like hair, nails, and the like. It was amazingly a relief after a week of talking to almost no one but Josh and our friend Tucker to talk about girl things and to have no mention of sports. Hopefully I can become better friends with them and we can hang out outside of school too. Tomorrow I teach my first practice lesson!!! I'm excited and nervous. I am most nervous that I won't be prepared, but I have a long break tomorrow and I have a feeling Josh is going to suffer through some practice rounds.
Here is the door of my school; it’s the one next to the really fancy one:

Also, here is a picture of the Subte D which I take to school everyday:

I got out of school early today, so Josh and I went for a wonderful walk to Puerto Maderno; once meant to be the main port of Buenos Aires. It is beautiful to walk along the water at sunset and we also found out that it is where all of the swanky and nouveau riche restaurants are. Lucky for us, swanky is somewhat affordable by US standards, but what I was wondering about were the prices of the apartments above them. They were converted lofts and they looked just like the converted condos on the river in Chicago (for the Behar's: the brick ones that we went by when we could smell the chocolate on the boat tour). It seems like the perfect place to live with a view of the river and on the other side of a busy street so you are close to the action but not the noise. Josh took some great photos so I leave it to him to post them, but as for tonight we are headed to our first tango show in celebration of Josh's birthday!! Ole!!! It was at a restaurant right on Plaza Dorrego where the market is on Sunday, and we had a snack there to test out the food. The food was great and it’s only a happy coincidence that there happens to be a tango show every Wednesday. No, we will not be testing out our own moves tonight, but we will get our first taste of the passion of Buenos Aires in the form of the dance known as TANGO!! And I am super excited. I'm also excited for the beef, speaking of which, it is time to go change into something with a loose waste line so I can eat as much lomo (steak) as possible. I hope everyone is doing well, and we love your comments!! Talk to you all soon!!


Shelley Rolf said...

we bet that tonight's celebration will make for one very memorable birthday. we'll be looking forward to the details. thank you both for your blog entries and photos. it has been great to follow your adventures. your enthusiasm shines through your words. love to you both.

Ben said...

I miss that chocolate smell. They made them reduce the amount of coco powder they released into the air, because the people who lived around the chocolate factory said it smelled too much like chocolate. Because what an awful fate that is. Oh, and I miss you guys too. Mostly the chocolate smell though.

Ann Behar said...

It's waistline..and watch it, girl!!

Ann Behar said...

So how was the tango show????? We need another post!

Bristol 2:15 said...

don't forget to check out la bomba (sp?)on monday nights in san telmo...and ballin' at club de amigos (sat at 6). stay safe...