Monday, October 27, 2008

Candid on the Calle: Part Deux

Back again with some more shots from my walk yesterday and more on the streets of BsAs.
Some non fashion related candid shots:
An unfortunately very common sight in this city. I see at least one crash a week here and sometimes two. This was my first of the week (it being Monday and all) but it looks like the taxi driver might not be driving for a while. This might explain why I am often hesitant to cross the street. There are NO pedestrian rights here. Someone I know actually saw a taxi driver hit a woman. My friend told me she saw the taxi driver just slap his hand to his forehead and shake his head. All I could think of was that he was definitely thinking, "OH no, not again!"

This is another common sight in BsAs. The dog walking profession is very taken very seriously here. They are trained professionals who not only can walk upwards of ten dogs at a time but who also give the dogs their medicines. It’s amazing to see a pack of eight dogs walking calmly down the street, but the moment the dog walker ties them to a tree to get another dog or to run into a shop they start barking like all hell is breaking loose.

Not sure about this one. I saw the cobwebs on the banister and thought this might be one person's attempt at Halloween decorations.
The Beast from "Beauty and The Beast" and...a blue penguin? I just don't know. I do know that the blue penguin was pretty scary.

These last two pictures are just amazing people with amazing fashion. Unfortunately you cannot see
the woman in the red suit thing's fishnet stockings because they are nude in color, and the fact that her hair pretty much matches her coat and dress didn't show up that well either. I just thought she was...ultimate and amazing.

And last but not least this girl was just too amazing. I'm not sure if you can tell but her pants are that kind with the über saggy crotch. I could never pull it off and I really don't get those pants, but the overall effect is very cool.
When originally asked about porteños and their fashion, my initial response was that I hadn't noticed any. But now that the winter coats are finally coming off I am seeing that there is a style here very different from anywhere I have ever been. It is very casual and therefore can be effortlessly cool looking. No one wears fancy dresses to any of the bars or clubs I have been to (a relief for me is that I can always wear flats out without feeling silly) and if you are not wearing boots and not in a suit you are wearing sneakers. There is a flair for practicality but still a desire to stand out. I am not sure who made purple the new black, but everyone looks great in it so it works for me.

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