Monday, October 27, 2008

Not From Concentrate, Just Like This Blog

That's right, it's fresh squeezed baby!! This weekend we broke out our apartment's juicer not only on Saturday but on Sunday as well!! At two oranges per cup and around three pesos per kilo of oranges it’s the best deal in town. I am all for joining street vendors on Sunday in selling a cup of fresh squeezed OJ for just five pesos. We could make a fortune. But as Josh pointed out this would involve a lot of manual labor, and really could result in carpal tunnel syndrome. Best keep the fresh juice making en la casa.

I also believe that two Sundays in a row a tradition does make, and we now officially have a Sunday breakfast tradition that takes up one step closer to living life porteño style. After waking up late on Sunday (even though we didn't do anything the night before) we get ready and travel less than one block to our local pastry shop. There we purchase all kinds of wicked pastries that no American would ever consider healthy in any way. And then we proceed to eat them. Unlike last week we brought these home, and I bought a few extra media lunas (literally half moons, or a croissant) (I bugged Josh all morning by accidentally calling them mezza lunas) for breakfast during the week. We also made coffee for the first time. To our surprise there was only ONE brand of coffee that did not come with sugar already added. This was also the case with the milk. By this point I should not be surprised because Argentines love everything sweet sweet sweet, but the fact that there is only one brand of sugar with calories still gets me every time. Here is a photo of Josh and our complete breakfast.
Of course breakfast was not the entire weekend. Friday night we went to a party hosted by two guys in my class. We played an Irish drinking game which disappointingly turned out to just be Kings with less rules, but it was still fun. We then went to a bar/club where they were selling liters of Stella. Not a good idea.
To say the least we spent Saturday hanging out and went to see "Burn After Reading" in theatres. Going to the movie theatre here can be a little awkward for me if the movie is a comedy seeing as not everything translates and I end up laughing much harder than everyone else. Oh well, sometimes it’s good to be a native speaker with an American sense of humor.
Today, after our delectable breakfast Josh walked me part of the way to a museum before turning around to make it home in time to sign up for fantasy football with friends from home. I met my friend Erin at the Museo National des Bellas (pronounced bejas here because of the accent) Artes. We saw some of the permanent collection which had an impressive amount of impression pieces, and then a fantastic exhibit by Italians of modern art. Seeing as it was free I am totally going back soon to have a second look.
Afterwards we were obviously tired (we both walked a ways to get there) so after watching two songs played by a rock band in the park across the street from the museum (they rocked very hard) we wondered down the street till we found the cutest cafe. We ordered tea (it was tea time) and the most amazing crepes filled with verduras filling (which means just spinach and cheese) that were served soaking in a cream sauce. Bet you can't guess how many lactaid pills I took. For all those who were wondering, they are working pretty well.
After a long walk home I made it back just in time for a nice chat with the much missed sister, and then we heated up some left over roasted chicken, spruced up last night's salad and had a nice little dinner of leftovers. The time of this post proves I am still affected by caffeine, but it’s time for bed. Another week of school begins and my course is half way over. Wish me luck!


Shelley Rolf said...

thank you for your colorful tales of life in buenos aires. josh, do you need us to bring you razors when we come (ha ha !) let's see...razors or peanut butter? it's great to see your faces and hear what you are up to. keep those blog entries coming. love to you both

Julia said...

I like the beard! And just you all wait for Holloween, its going to be great.