Friday, April 23, 2010

Fernando Botero

The other morning, when Roxi was feeling a little under the weather, Josh and I ventured out on our own into Medellin. We hit up the Museo de Antioquia which houses an impressive collection of Colombian art. The entire third floor was dedicated to Fernando Botero, a Medellin born artist. He is famous for his tendancy to make all of his subjects incredibly fat. He even did a painting of Mary Antoinette and Louis XIV with both of them looking like they weigh three hundred pounds. Here were a few of my favorites to give a small taste:

Botero even manages to make a guitar look fat

fat statue

Botero's Jesus

Not Botero but a sweet piece representing two sides of Colombia, violence and music

Botero's fat statues in public outside the museum

big naked booties in public

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