Thursday, April 15, 2010

Butt loads of buses

so we've been taking a lot of buses lately. In took us around fifty five hours to get to Popayan in Colombia from Lima where we stopped at a hostel for the night before contiuing in bus for six more hours to St. Agustine, our first planned destination in Colombia. I have a love hate relationship with buses now. I love their prices. It cost us about fifty five dollars each to go all the was from Lima to Colombia and we got to enjoy amazing sceney you'd never see from a plane. You see people's houses, heir children playing in the front yard, people staring out window, working in fields, waching their flocks, eating, sitting and enjoying a minute's rest and a chat - a glimpse of so many people's lives. By you also spend many sleepless nigrs on aweful roads and my stomach may never recover from so much shaking...we are always gassy. We tried to joke about it - on the trip to La Paz from Uyuni we joked that it was like being INS giant version of one of those vibrating aparatises that is supposed to burn your fat away for you while you watch tv. Just sitting here burning lots of fat... We joked. Privatly I thougt that the US should have switched from waterbaording to putting suspected terrorists in my broken seat I'm e back of that bus. I would have to anyone all they wanted to know after an hour of that. Worse than discomfort is the fear that fills me after dark on buses... But I wrote a poem about that for your enrertainment and mine while bored on a bus. So here it goes:

Riding the Bus at Night

Riding the bus at night
Gives me such a fright!
Up to the highest hights we soar
Faster and faster our bus seems to roar
Careening around hairpin turns
With each one my stomach churns
And every time the wheel swings
Like a doll, my body it swings
All I want to do is sleep
Unable to stop images of our plunge into the canyon - so deep
But with each honk of a horn
A new nightmare is born
And I toss and turn into the night
Oh how this ride gives me a fright!

Have no fear, tonight we sleep horizontally in an apartment! No more buses for a few days!

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erin said...

LOVE the poem Julia! I'm so excited for you that you're in Columbia! Can't wait to hear all about it! xoxo