Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Family Fun in Medellin

Medellin, Medellin, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

We arrived in Medellin on a sunny sunny morning. Rox picked us up in a car (amazing), and we headed to the apartment where she lives with her parents on a nice, quiet street in Medellin. I love the apartment for a few reasons. Of course it is nice, and the view is amazing (especially at night), but my favorite part is that it is full full full of fresh fresh fruit. There also seems to be every type of fruit ever created here, but every time we are introduced to a new fruit we are told that there are like...3 more varieties of this one fruit not present let alone the other ten kinds in the fruit bowl.
We headed out into Medellin, walked around and then headed into their beautiful metro system. This system puts DC's to shame. It is the cleanest place I've seen in South America, and people are so respectful of each other, the place, and of each other. Roxi said that when they opened it they first did a big ad campaign telling people that this was their metro, and they should want to keep it clean and respect it because its theirs. It worked!!
After a metro ride we did a free transfer to the metro gondalas that go up to the top of the city. Medellin, like La Paz and many other cities we've visited, is in a valley so you have to do a lot of climbing to get to the edges of the city. With the gondola its just a quick, insulated ride above poeple's houses. Lines were huge because this metro line takes people to a new nature reserve that just opened, but lines for it were two hours long so we skipped that and enjoyed the ride.

Rox and Josh in the gondola

at a national library with a kick-ass view

After, Roxi asked us if we wanted to go to a picnic with her sisters. I was can't think of anything in the world I would rather do. I LOVE Sunday picnics, I love being with family (even if its not my own), and oh, did I mention that I love picnics?

and now, another instalment of Josh with fruit: Josh and the uchuva

The picnic was great, Rox's sisters were there, and one with her two kids who are really cute and really great kids. I left full of good food, family fun, and the magic of picnics.

the breakfast spread that is going to make mom hop on a plane as soon as she reads this post: fresh cheese, fruit, eggs, and arepas with butter...Roxi's mom is the best

Our next big adventure involving family was a trip to the finca where Roxi's grandma lives. The house is really old and sits on a dairy farm in the lush green mountains outside of Medellin. Since the house is old its been accumulating things for a long time, and there are collections of everything you can think of. To name a few of my favorites: pennats, old irons, mugs, rosaries, scarves, horseshoes, baskets, saddles, and keys.

beautiful courtyard, too bad the fountain got covered up

Roxi's grandma is very cool and fed us lunch and lots and lots of coffee. We all chatted for a while, and then we checked the place out and then relocated to in front of a fire Josh was only too happy to make. Josh taught Roxi how to play truco, and she taught us how to play pinche. It was amazing to be in someone's home, relaxing, and playing cards with someone other than Josh. I didn't realize how starved I had become for families and their homes.

Josh's tends the fire and is very happy

Josh and Roxi play cards

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