Friday, April 23, 2010

Botanical Gardens and Parque Explora

Two days ago, we hit up some fun lugares in Medellin. First we headed to the Botanical Gardens for some outdoor time. There were saw plenty of amazing orchids, which happen to be Colombia's national plant. They grow so well in the tropic much better than in my dorm room Junion year...

Can you spot which massive reptile is hiding in this tree?

I mean, who knew this color existed in nature?

Next we headed to the Parque Explora which houses an aquarium, fun games that test and teach physics, and various other interactive fun. Below are a few photos of things we braved the intense sun to test out. And these were just what was outside the building! So much more fun awaited us.

they are big on centripital force

get my mind out of the gutter...

After scientific fun we headed into the aquarium. I'm pretty sure the last aquarium I was in was in Camden when I went to the Hun prom with Arron Weinstien. Or maybe it was in Kentuky the summer after that with camp...anyway, I forgot how much I love aquariums!!

these are the same kind of pyranas we fished for in Bolivia

Next we got to go to this other place where we did more physical fun. We played games, competed for who could kick a ball harder, use their brain waves to move a ball farther, ect. The coolest part was the bat maze. They have this little room that is pitch dark. You put on a vest with magic bat powers that come from the two buttoned device in the front pocket. When you push both buttons at the same time, the device sends out a sonar and makes a beeping sound. If you are very close to something it beeps really fast. If you are farther away it beeps more slowly. You go into the room and have to pass through a maze using only this! It was pretty cool.

I watch Roxi go through (get lost in) the maze from tvs outside the room

I left tired from the heat and a little physical exertion (all in the name of testing physics) and ready for a rest. And we headed back to Rox's pad to rest before we went to Il Forno for a delish Italian dinner with an amazing view overlooking Medellin and all those tiny lights. As usual, we got back to Rox's exhausted and ready for the cama.


Reed said...

Actually, it looks like Josh overshot the gutter!

Glad to see you guys are living it up in Medellin. I had a fantastic time, there, too. Your adventure just keeps getting better, doesn't it?

Josefina said...

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