Saturday, April 17, 2010


We got to Cali in the early evening, intending to hang around until we could meet up with our friend Carlos' sister. So what did we do? Obviously we went to the movies!! with our hiking backpacks and everything. It was great. We saw Date Night. If you don't see it you are missing out big time, its the best movie I've seen in a long time and while I was laughing way harder than everyone else (some of those jokes just don't translate) I didn't mind. Soon enough I'll be in a cinema filled with native English laughers.
When the movie got out we couldn't get in touch with the sister and we didn't have the address, so after hanging out with some kids that work at the mall we headed to one of the hostels in our guide book. Hostel Iguana is located in the nicest neighborhood in Cali and our room had a BIG bed so we sighed and overlooked the 20,000 per person a night fee.
The next day we went exploring. While we had heard not so great things about Cali from non-Colombians the city proved them all wrong. It gave us a sunny sunny day and being a walkable city, we walked it all. We soaked in our first big Colombian city and even enjoyed celebration for the 100 year anniversary of provence's existence with free shots of aguardiente, an orchestra and a group of autistic folk musicians. We then headed back where I discovered that one can get a manicure and a pedicure for 10,000 pesos. That's about five dollars for those of you still catching on. Five dollars. I told Josh and he said get one! I said you should get one too!!! and surprisingly he agreed.

proof of Josh's first pedicure (he kinda liked it and now his nails are so shiny)

After we got all dolled up and headed to El Solar, one of Cali's best restaurants, for the cena de la mes where we stuffed ourselves silly with amazing amazing food.
The next day we were tired and the weather was poopy so we hit up the artisinal market and then caught another movie. (Clash of the Titans - all that enthusiasm I have for Date Night...that's how much negative enthusiasm I have for this movie - I know many of you could have told me this anyway but don't see it). We hung out in the hostel and made a salad (salad, I'm so glad you are back in my life, I missed you) and then caught our eleven o'clock bus to Medillin. Here ends our quick visits, from now on we will be staying longer and enjoying more that Colombia has to offer in each city!! And we only have one more long bus ride...
And now for a few photos:

what seems to be the smallest merry go round in the world

a drink made with cane sugar and lemon - a must try - its delish

one of my favorite parts about Cali was the plaza filled with small tables and type writters. There were older men sitting at the tables typing away, or chatting and waiting for more business. I think this could be taking off in the States any day now, so dust off your type writer if your out of a job and take it to the streets!!!

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