Friday, October 9, 2009

Portaits of Josh at the MALBA

Wednesday was a workless day for me here in BsAs, so Josh and I decided to meet up at the Malba after I got my paycheck and he had class. You all should know by now that I have the creepy characteristics of a stalker when it comes to taking photos of people, but Josh has become an amazing subject since the start of the mustache competition.

Here's Josh 2 weeks deep in mustache land:

Downing a kilo of aforementioned succulent strawberries in 9 minutes flat outside the MALBA:

In the Library:

Now that's one serious mustache:


Ann Behar said...


Reed said...

Josh's hair is looking suh-weeeeet. Sorry I couldn't keep mine going. Maybe I'll try again a few years down the road. I'll be there in spirit, Josh!

Josh said...

Much appreciated, Mr. Reed. But who knows what will happen with the upcoming summer, the heat here is so hheeaavy.