Sunday, October 25, 2009

Maniacal Mustache Madness

Mustaches abounded at the first annual mustache competition here in Casa Cochobamba, Argentina. The six competitors came together to show the fruition of their efforts over meat and beer. The weather was beautiful, the parilla downstairs, and the mustaches were ripe for the judging. Here are some photos and comentary from the night.

We watch the LSAT books burn....they strangely resemble an accordion - the saddest of the instruments

Willy arrives and reveals his newly groomed stache

It has many nicknames: the fish hook, the snake bite, the J...we could go on and on... all I know is I'm hooked/obsessed

Uli, a late arrival to the competition would totally have won if he had stayed for the judging!

Boys will be boys...mustaches will be AMAZING

Amazing Rayban glasses that Uli bought second hand

Santi is sad because he doesn't have a mustache

So are we...

And now to meet the competitors:

Willy J

Mike Foster


Alex Ferrari

Joshua Henry Rolf

Nick H-M

We sat around with Hot Toddies and then beer and waited for the food to cook. We ate our Choripan and Morcilla and then as the Vacio cooked the judging began.

Each competitor had to give a one minute speech on their mustache, outlining the process, choices made about style or grooming techniques and how their mustache made them feel.
Willy decided no words were necessary and whipped off his shirt to show off his mustache in its natural state.

The explanations were amazing, and most competitors had come to the same conclusion. Life is better with a mustache. After their speeches Kyla, Fanie and I went into the dining room to do the judging. We judges based on four points: grooming, respect to the mustaches that came before, texture and thickness, and onesness with the mustache. Each competitor also got an individual title.
Nick: the boy next door stash
Alex: Dirtiest/pedifilia stash
Josh: Porn star/Ron Jeremy stache
Mike: El classico
PJ: Best natural geometric form
Willy: Miss Congeniality

Second runner up: Josh
First runner up: Mike
First Place: Alex

Happy judges: best night ever - stachetastic if you will

And now a new more informal competition has been started. Longevity is the name of the game, and the man who keeps the stache the longest is the winner. However, the real winners are Stef and myself seeing as we can't get enough mustache action. We hope they stay forever.