Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dias Como Hoy

Its days like today that make me want to stay in this part of my life forever. After a good night's sleep we played Big Red (the champions) and while we lost terribly (15-1) I played well (I'm finally getting this game) and even handled for a few points. Our one point was beautiful, and we had a good time. We also always learn a lot from Big Red and I am getting better at marking Roxy (the ridiculously calm, cool and collected Colombian chica I often end up marking because she's with one of our team member's x-boyfriend's and that's just awkward so I make sure they never end up together). I played the whole game because I couldn't get enough, and then split a chori with Josh while hanging with Colombians. I spent the next part of the afternoon at the Eco-Reserve taking in a little more sun through my sun screened skin, relaxing to the sound of the small waves that wash up from the Rio Plata and the chattering voices of the many groups of people drinking maté and eating sandwiches. The sun was shining and the breeze was cool, I could have taken a serious nap. Instead I walked back to the house and have been chatting with Stef while she makes lasagna for our dinner. The pink and purple sky has turned more a dark cobalt, and another beautiful carefree day has come to an end. Tomorrow I may not be able to walk for all the walking and running I did today, but Sundays are the best since they can actually be carefree and workless leaving Mondays for errands and work.