Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Big Debut

In an effort to diversify practices, Nick and I have taken over the planning of Thursday practices. Mostly it’s a collaboration, and Felipe often steals the show because we didn't plan enough and we don't know what we are doing. Or so I thought. Last Thursday Nick had already left for Nicaragua, and Felipe was already in Mendoza and I arrived at practice wondering what would happen. We ran our warm up laps, and I asked Diego what we should do today. He told me that was my job and gave no advice.
Well, this was it, my big moment. I've been complaining about how things have been going at practice for a while, so now I could finally put some money where my mouth was. We did physical stuff, ran, threw, and a few warm up drills. Then the moment came, and I revealed my very own homemade drill! It involved three major steps and practices the horizontal stack we've been using of late on a smaller scale. It took a while for us to get it down, but when we did everyone decided they really like it!! Then I took a suggestion Antonio, and we scrimmaged but using this drill as a basis for every play. It took a few turnovers, but we got a serious flow going that made me feel really good. After, we even had time for to do some abdominal work. Everyone said it was a great practice! and Alex said it was one of the few he walked away from feeling that he'd learned something. Big compliment!!!
Anyway, maybe its a new beginning for my Frisbee career and I feel like I have more confidence than ever when it comes to this sport and my ability to lead.


alexgoestoperu said...

Hey Baby! Whatever you decide to do, you'll adjust because you have no choice. I recommend California, specifically the Bay Area because it's easy and the pace is slower than cities to the east. I really love it here and I will be SO happy if you decide to move here one day! Until returning to Buenos Aires, that is. Da mis saludos a tus compañeros de cuarto y un besote grandote a ULI-que piña que ha sufrido de reciente. Les extraño supermucho y espero el dia que nos reunamos!

erin said...

What? There's no way you can move to california. The east coast is where it's at, i've been planning on it.