Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wet Wednesday

Que pena esta la lluvia!!! This rain is a pain in my cola!!!!
When it rains in Buenos Aires its like snow in DC. Nothing works and everything is postponed until the incessant downpour lightens to a less drenching state. Lately, Dan and I have been taking lessons from the same Spanish teacher (the lovely Veronica). Yesterday Dan was scheduled to take a shockingly early (well for him) class at 9:30 and I was to follow at 10:30. I woke up to torrential downpour, thunder, and a text from Veronica saying she her train was delayed. I snuggled deeper into the very warm covers. I next received a text saying the subte was delayed! Her last text was to say that we would have to make up the class and an email asking me about our Friday class was the last either of us have heard of her!
Since then, I've had students canceling all over me, and I've been late due to the weather and the return of my serious back pain. Maybe the back pain always coincides with rain? A theory, we'll have to wait and see about that one. Kinda like my churipan mixed with too much sun rash. This city does wierd things to my body.
But it is decidedly so that we will be spending as little time outside as possible because when its not raining there is a cold wind that I keep reminding myself is nothing like a northeast of the US in winter, but is cold enough to make me dread leaving the house even with hat, gloves and scarf. That is until the arrival of Alex and Trevor!!!!!! Even though we just had a visitor (Joe Barret: Mass. resident and buddy of Josh's brother) the return of Alex to Casa Cochobamba has been eagerly awaited by all, and her boyfriend Trevor and some of his freinds will be a welcome addition. They are even going to be here on my birthday (coming up soon!!!) so that promises to make it a crazier birthday than hoped or desired. Oh well, its BA so I'll go with it. Hopefully their arrival will scare away this nasty July weather!!!!!! Oh and three Thursdays till I board my flight to the US!!! I can't believe it!!!


Ann Behar said...

You are getting an MRI in Dad's office when you get home!

alexgoestoperu said...

I CAN'T WAIT. PS I have no winter coat... BUT I CAN'T WAIT! asado mojado, i welcome you.