Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Forth of Joooolllllllllyyyyyyyy

Happy Fourth everyone, and a happy fourth it was here in Casa Cochobamba. While it is technically winter, a strange climate from a gringa who is used spending this special day in her bathing suit, the weather was beautiful and as long as the sun remained above the horizon it was warm enough to grill and hang out on the roof. We invited all the gringos we know and then a few extra showed up, not to mention a slew of people who were not from the States who also wanted to celebrate the Independence of our fabulous country

Yes we can Brian, yes we can drink only Budwiser which isn't even an American beer anymore and brewed aca.

This guy (Alex) is 1/2 from the US and not afraid to show it

These guys are 100% not from the States and Camilla (in the middle) is the OPRESSOR!!!
From the left: Rojelio (Erin's roommate), Camilla (the evil Brit) and Luis (Tucker's friend)

Tucker, loves the Budwiser so much he matched his clothes to it

Our teraza in use even though its winter

Jeremy, 100% British and proud dressed up in our colors that we totally stole from his kind, fashionable and fabulous as usual

Wouldn't be America day if it weren't for FRIES!!!! (not chips British folk!)

Erin and I getting ready to play beer pong: stretching required

¡stretch dancing that is!

I was glad someone took the dress code as seriously as I did

Our new friend Kirt made a FLAG CAKE!!!!!

Dan gets serious about preventing swine flu

In the end it comes down to this: To guys from the US sitting on the couch enjoying some Bud. Maybe life down here isn't so different after all.

Of course our day time party switched into a night time party as people showed up to hang out before going out to Hotel Voodoo. The porteños loved beer pong, and for once someone in our vicinity was playing music louder than we were. The party ended early by our standards and as the kids went out Josh and I hit the sack. While others may be stronger than I, I am incapable of partying from 4 in the afternoon till 6 am. I have to draw the line somewhere though, no?

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