Wednesday, July 15, 2009

La Gripe A: Its kinda a big deal

La Gripe Porcina is kinda a big deal. People know her. Her apartment smells like rich mahogany....ok, too far, but La Gripe A does seem to have bogarted all of the advertising space in the city of late. It has also given me the opportunity to teach a class from home because the office I go to Wednesdays at 1 pm every week is closed for two weeks to prevent an epidemic. The schools all closed two weeks early for winter break, and everyone used La Gripe to turn last weekend into a four day weekend with Thursday off for Independence day and Friday a National Gripe day. As I said, its kinda a big deal. The death toll has been climbing and of late La Gripe has claimed over one hundred souls in this country. I don't know anyone with it, but I do know people who know people who have it.

The city's advice: Wash your hands often with soap and water, cover you mouth and nose with a mask, in case of symptoms like fever, cough, or something stay in your room - permanently, and don't self-medicate - go to the doctor!)
My advice, fortify yourself with dulce de leche, medialunas, steak and maté (of course don't share your bonbilla though!) and play Ultimate. Then eat more dulce de leche.

For a really well written and accurate account of the scandal surrounding La Gripe and politics check out Andrew's Blog and his post on La Gripe Porcine.

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Ann Behar said...

Don't forget to add alfahores to the prevention program!