Friday, July 24, 2009


I can't believe I keep forgetting to blog about our first Obra de Teatro!!! So here goes, its out of order with the way things go down, but deal with it. OK?
OK. Joe Barret (amigo de Efie and Josh):

The guy on the right as I will remember him, with a big grin

was visiting on a much deserved vacation (that is in danger of turning into an extended stay) so we went about BA with him to see some of the sights and even brought him to Frisbee. He really wanted to see a play before he left, and found out that Agusto, the adaptation of August: Osage County was playing for $30 (pesos) on Wednesday (his last) night.
We arrived late and so we didn't get to appreciate the beauty of the theater until intermission when the lights came on but when they did I realized I was in one of the most beautiful theaters I've had the pleasure of seeing a play in. We were in the up most balcony, but still had a fine view of the stage and the elaborate set where the crew had literally built a cross section of a house.

The poster with the complete cast that included MANY famous Argentine Actors and Actresses

The play is a twisted tale of a very f-upped family on a lot of drugs and alcohol and everyone is sleeping with everyone. OK, that is an exaggeration, but the older generations responsibilities lead to some accidental incest among the younger generation, there is almost some rape, and LOTS of fighting so it was pretty wild. I was pretty excited to find that while I missed most of the jokes and was very confused about the family tree until intermission when we could look at the playbill, with the help of those next to me I had a pretty general idea about what was going on. Yay for Spanish immersion!!!! It was also kind of cool to know that we had seen this famous play with a very famous Argentine cast for less than ten dollars when it is SOOO much more on Broadway. Of course I would have understood the 75% I missed last week, but who is really counting.

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Shelley Rolf said...

what a great photo of joe b's smile. i'm sure he appreciated your hospitality along his journey. xoxo