Saturday, January 16, 2010

Shaking the Booty For Joe Booty

Joe Booty, we will miss you, but in our memories we hold dearly your last show in Argentina and your last few days in Casa Cochobamba. And so I give to you all a tribute - to Joe Booty.

Joe Booty entered my lives through the help of Ms. Stefanie DeAngelo. Algy and Stefanie met long ago in the Birkshires when they dated in high school. Algy met James at Dartmouth and it seems they've been inseparable every since. Their musical duo, Joe Booty, has produced a series of inspired tracks with James on vocals and Algy mixing the tunes. They compliment each other perfectly and also happen to be very cool guys to hang around with. Thanks to their instant friendship with Stef they have hung around enough (and lived with us enough) for me to get to know them and I can't wait to see them again in the States. They have recently arrived in Bolivia after a 60 hour bus ride and begin their adventures across South America. Joe Booty, you'll be missed.
I leave you with some photos from their last show in BA. It took place in a recording studio far far away from San Telmo with carpets on the walls and a big old disco ball spinning and refracting colored light all over the small room. It was a small party with big amounts of fun. One of the more random and awesome nights of my time here.


Dancing and getting all crazy for Joe Booty

James and Algy
The opening act was a rapper named Hernan who got into it

Everyone joins in!

James pretends the mic is one of the girls he sings about

For real, check out their myspace page (the link is at the top). Their music is really awesome!!!!