Friday, January 1, 2010

In Which Melissa and Rob Arrive and We Celebrate the New Year

Just a quick note to wish everyone a Happy New Year! and to catch you all up on the end of the year adventures here at Casa Cochobamba. We received two very important visitors on the 27th on a sunny Sunday. Melissa and Rob have the privilege of being our last guests here and we have being doing non-stop sightseeing and fun having since they got here. We went to Los Bosques de Palermo to have a picnic and play frisbee in the sun. We've made empanadas, tarta, asado and we've seen many of the neighborhoods and taken in their unique personalities. I love having Melissa here. She was one of my roommates in Perugia when we studied abroad, she's my only friend from Kentucky, and she kicks ass. Its the fourth country we've gotten to enjoy together and as usual we are eating our way through it with vigor. Rob, her boyfriend, is a good addition to our sightseeing and a welcome addition of Casa Cochobamba.
For New Year's Eve we had a little fiesta on our roof terrace. We put together a finger food feast and ate our way through maybe a quarter. At midnight we were surprised by the fireworks Stef had bought and ran around with sparklers, Roman Candles, and there was one crazy box of hardcore fireworks that had everyone ducking as they ooed and aahhed. Thanks Stef, best surprise ever.
I was too full to go out, but we spent a good amount of time dancing on a roof that wasn't ours and hanging around with the people that matter most. It was a good time. It was also our second year in a row bringing in the New Year in this house Felipe and Sabina.
I'll upload photos as soon as Ulises tells me where he has hidden my camera, and I'll also upload some of the hundreds of photos Melissa had taken since she got here.
Until then I hope you all enjoy a day of recovery!

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