Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Juice Cleanse: Day Three - The Home Stretch

When Patrick got sick he had the idea in his head that it was because he was eating sooo much meat. This could be true. He announced that when he returned home he was going to do a juice cleanse. "Hmmm, a juice cleanse," thought Fani and I simultaneously. We'd been hearing a lot about this juice cleanse lately. Our friend Willy had done one after a slew of asados spaced to closely together. I'd read about it online, and we were intrigued. While we couldn't do the strict juice cleanse Patty explained to us (water, lemon, maple syrup and cayenne pepper) we decided to do nothing but juice. It's now day three and I'm pretty tired of the whole thing, and hungry, but only a few more hours to go!!! And its actually been pretty fun. We've made fruit juices, vegetable juices, and beleive me when I say that my wrists are tired from all that juicing!!! But my body really does feel cleansed, and I'm ready to start a new month with a healthier diet and a healthier life. I think the timing is also kinda funny. We are resolving one month too early, but no one actually keeps their New Year's resolutions so December seems to be the perfect month for fresh beginnings. Josh even shaved his mustache.

Beet, carrot, lemon ect madness

Fani's a choppin'

Josh may not be on the juice train, but he's eatin' healthy too!!

This post was brought to you by Maté and our blender.

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