Wednesday, December 2, 2009

In Which Patrick Gets a Tatoo at Bond Street and Buys a LOT of Thrift

Patrick has been talking about the various tattoos he's wanted since we lived together in that lovely apartment in Dupont. He finally got one before he left DC. For those of you who've seen it, you know that it kinda kicks tattoo ass. Its big, its hard core, and it took four hours.
Ever since then, Patricio's been talking about the other tat he's been wanting: a broken crown. When I told him the prices here were way cheaper on tattoos I peaked his interest. "What a great souvenir!" he thought. With Uli's help we found a great artist at the famous Bond Street in Recoleta not far from where Uli works. We headed back there on Friday to take care of business. With my surprising translation skills we got the idea across to Gustavo and we headed upstairs.

Waiting for Gustavo to finish his drawing

The trace

Gustavo at work

Patty checks out Gustavo's work in the mirror

He decides its pretty f-ing sweet

All wrapped up and ready to go!

A collection of tattoo shops, punk shops, and general mecca for the alternative youth scene

Oops...needs more cash...

The reason why Patty needed more cash was because the next stop was 5ta Avenida, another collection of stores but this time filled not with punk but with thrift. It was thrift heaven. Many many many floors of thrifty thrift. Patty went a little crazy.

Amazing pullover bought at 5ta Avenida

Later at Nick's: Paola puts on many of Patrick's new items

So does Fani

And so does PJ

That night Patrick got a little sick and never felt 100% again (I'm hoping he feels better now). Unfortunatly our plans of dancing until the sun came up were not realized...guess those will have to wait for next time. And then it rained all Sunday and the San Telmo Feria never really happened, but we got ice cream at Nonna Bianca and a picada at Bar Britanico and we cuddled and watched "500 Days of Summer" and it was nice. He's gone now, and I'm catching up with work and life but I wish he could have stayed!!!!!

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