Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dan's Last Days

Dan has been gone for about a month now, and we miss him a lot. So here are some photos he just sent me through the magic of the internet. We miss you Dan!!

Josh still looking good at eight in the morning at Pacha

Me...not so much

Uli and Josh

Josh, Uli, Phil, Me, and Dan on the patio at Pacha...VIP!

A part of the inner circle: Dan, Josh, Brina, Uli, Phil

Dan and me

Riding Dirty
real dirty

Despedida sort of dinner for Dan at his favorite Parilla

god I miss that stache

Me, Jeremy, and Uli

Dan, Coy, Uli

Dan, Coy, Me, Brian, Josh and Nick
in Casa Cochobamba

The Grill Master himself

Yacaré!!!! A small alligator type thing that grilled quite nicely and tasted kinda like chicken fish