Thursday, November 26, 2009

Patrick first days in BA

I can't believe it's already day four of Patrick's BA stay. After our relaxing weekend we returned to Casa Cochobamba and Josh and I returned to work. As usual I've been attempting to balance being a tourist and a teacher and as usual sleep is last on the list. Now it's already Thanksgiving and I'm at work all day away from home and family but its ok because Patty is here and I've got my BA family!!! More on that later. Until then here are some photos from Patrick's first few days in BA.
We of course hit up the Recoleta Cemetery

And then we of course hit up Bomba del Tiempo where we saw the most amazing guest performance by a random guy with a ukulele.

And of course we got burned in the Eco Reserve and brought meat and cheese and bread for a picada.

And then Patty had his first Choripan at his first asado.

And he was happy.


Shelley Rolf said...

great entries about patrick's visit to bs as and uruguay. can't wait to hear about your second ex-pat t'giving. xoxo

Lauren Weintraub said...

I hope you guys are having a great time! Love the pictures of the three of you! Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving and lets talk soon! love you!