Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Buenos Aires Bits

I noticed you've all stopped commenting on posts...but I'm assuming the moms are still reading at least so I here I go.
Nothing crazy has been going on, just the average normal adventures of life in BA but I thought I'd update you on a few little things.
Let's see...Dan's leaving tomorrow!!!! One of the guys we have know the longest is leaving! He's not only been a friend but a housemate and its been a while since anyone left, so I'm sad and also I think a little stressed because it reminds me of my own impending departure date that looms in the background of my daily life. Dan has enjoyed a year of the strictest of schedules. Pretty intensive Spanish study nicely mixed with a party regimen that even the staunchest Argentine boliche attendee would admire all sprinkled with some volunteer work. I have to say I've been jealous of his freedom at times, marveled at him at others, and I never stopped admiring his uncanny ability to find something great to do on any night of the week here. He's even better than Jessica was and that's saying something.
To send him off we all went to Pacha on Saturday night and danced on the outdoor patio until the sun rose and then we danced some more. The breeze was deliriously delicious and the choppy waters of the Rio Plata and the tall palm trees made me feel more like I was at an island get away and not at home in BA. We left when they turned off the music, something I've never even done before. It was crazy!
We also went to Diego(our capitain)'s house for his 36th birthday. It was just us (Felipe, Nick, Josh, and me) and his family which was pretty much the coolest thing ever. I stuffed myself on empanadas and mil hojas cake (a cake made with crunchy pancakes layered with dulce de leche and topped with marangue). Yes I felt sick afterwards, but I felt so special to be there.
Manzi has officially become an almost house broken dog.
The rainy season is back and it is humid as hell on a hot summer day.
We are eating copious amounts of watermelon which feels both hydrating and healthy but might not be either.
But really the biggest piece of news besides Dan leaving is that Patrick is coming on Friday!!!!
Finally, Patrick is coming to BA and he is really the luckiest visitor so far because I finally feel fully equiped to show someone the city, and not just a more touristy side. You can all look forward to lots of photos starting with our little trip to Montevideo, Uruguay on Friday. Until then, asado tonight for Dan, and then maybe a date or two with Josh before Patrick invades our room for ten days.


Shelley Rolf said...

your faithful readers are still reading. i love hearing about what you are up to....even things that might seem mundane to you, are fun to hear about. it's hard to believe that we were visiting you last year at this time. besos to you. xoxo

Austin said...

I'm still reading!

Um, I remember so cleary the asado for Diego's 35th lol...

I remember stuffing my face with milhojas and felipe concocting multiple types of sangria. That was a strange day actually, I remember waking up at 6pm, having a tremendous asado, meeting diego's family, getting pretty inebriated, and getting to bed at a respectable midnight.

I miss Buenos Aires.......ahhhhh!!!!!