Monday, November 23, 2009

Daniel Cowel: A Tribute

It still doesn't feel like Dan's gone. We haven't seen our new housemate at home yet since we just got back and it feels like one of those stretches where I wouldn't see Dan for a whole weekend and then Monday afternoon he would come strolling in around 2 and we would catch up and then he would go to sleep. But Dan officially left last Wednesday, and he's been in our lives here long enough for a tribute.
When we met Dan he was living with two Colombians, one of them dating my friend. We stayed in touch because a mutual friend came to town, and he pretty quickly became one of the gang. Then he moved in with us and it was all cemented. He was an integral member of Casa Cochobamba for about seven months, and he brought with him a love of music, cooking, Spanish, and la fiesta. You could always count on Dan to speak in Spanish when one Argentine was in a room full of x-pats, and you could always count on him for key phrases and translations. He loved playing music and having people over, surfing the web and he loved to cook big, gourmet meals that could feed all of us two times around.
Like all people do who live together, there were times when we butted heads. But more important to me, and what I'll remember, is what he taught me. He taught me how to be more generous, a good host, and while I'll never love electronic music as much as him I like it a lot more now. Most importantly, Dan is a really good friend, and for that I will miss him the most. You better be on skype Dan!!!!!!! Talk to you soon!!!!

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alexgoestoperu said...

here here!

miss you!!!! sobre todo le echo de menos la casa de cochabamba.. debo volver antes de olvidar todo de espanol! saludos a la buena gente por alla- besos mi amorcita! besos a yosh tambien! y a uli y a santi y a stephi y a nick!!!! xoxo