Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween '09

I took a nap the evening of Halloween and woke up grumpy. I almost didn't go. But then I thought about the fact that our friends Algy and James were performing at Jeremy's party and I thought I'd better support them. So I cut long triangles out of a magazine cover, donned my green top sheet and I was ready in no time. Josh threw on some soccery stuff and so was he. Dan donated the cab fare and we were on our way.
The party had been moved to an indoor location at the last minute due to heavy rains, and the house was old and amazing. It was perfect for a party.

Dan went as a Cool Cuts employee (the salon where Uli works). He loves shine.

So the night was a grand success, Joe Booty (Algy and James' group) was a big hit as far as I'm concerned, and we danced to the DJ until Alé (Fanie's fling) drove us home at sunrise.

So as you look over the photos from the night (taken by Coy's artsy camera and shot by Uli) listen to one of our favorites by Joe Booty in their Julia's and Josh's Adventures in South America debut:

Brian and Camilla

Alé, Brian, my mustache, me

Me and my mustache

Fanie went as a Teletuby, and in this moment she had a wicked uni-brow

Alé, myself, Fanie

The Sultan of Suave himself: Mr. Uli Coco and myself

Dancing with mi chico

Chatting at the window with Nick and some fresh air

Jeremy and his tiger suit

Nick and me


James singing some Joe Booty greatness


So turns out that foreigners are way more into Halloween than we are. Most of us had pretty homemade costumes, Alex even brought a basket and a red sweatshirt in his attempt to portray Little Red Riding Hood: the mustache edition. But he was shamed into removing his sweatshirt by a British Hotty in a rented Little Red Riding Hood costume. In fact, all the foreigners had sweet rented costumes, painted faces, and a general hardcoresness that comes with not having celebrated this holiday every year of one's life. It was refreshing and funny. Anyway, hope all of you had a great Halloween. I know I did!!!!

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