Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mid-Week Update

So there really has not been much to blog about these days. We have been doing...well not much. Today, like most days, we slept in till we were awoken by the banging of construction around 11:30. We checked our emails, I sent my resume out to dozens of random institutes, and we had breakfast. We got dressed and went to a museum that is currently under construction, so instead went for a nice walk and saw some parts of San Telmo we had not seen before. It really is the most beautiful neighborhood I've ever had the fortune to live in and I wish I had more money to spend so I could spend more time in its endless restaurants and bars.
After wandering the cobblestone streets we ended up back at our apartment for our "midday" meal which is usually only three to four hours after breakfast. I skyped with my mom for a bit, and then we went to the roof accompanied by some maté where we read for about an hour.
I came downstairs to a wonderful surprise! Shelley was right!! The Performers' director Martin had written me an email asking me to come in for a tryout with their vocal couch. Either someone dropped out, they are desperate, or I really wasn't that bad at my tryout!! Shelley had pointed out that when they said last Friday they probably meant next month, so by Argentine standards they got back to me relatively quickly I guess. So the tryout is on Friday!!
In other good news, Josh found out he will be paid for a large amount of translating he did! Things are looking up. Now to continue vacation in BA while it lasts, I join my partner for a game of cards, and then its off to our friend Tucker's for a dinner of chili. This weekend we have the beach tournament, so expect mucho blogging after the weekend and some crazy pictures. Miss you all!!


Shelley Rolf said...

excellent news for both of you. it's good to have faith. we can't wait to hear about the beach (it really is nearing winter here, complete with cold weather and BASKETBALL !) xoxo

Ann Behar said...

Jules, what a difference a few hours makes! When I spoke to you earlier, there seemed to be no prospects. Good luck and let me know how the tryout goes. Have fun at the beach--can't wait to hear about it.