Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mia and Kenny Arrive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mia and Kenny are here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They arrived on time with ALL of their luggage, and big smiles on their faces as they shed their layers and emerged into el sol. We taxied it home and began sight seeing!

Here we are in front of the Casa Rosada. I had no idea you could get this close.

Really big trees

We observed an interesting custom that our porteƱa friend Sabina said she had never heard of where people rip up their entire calender and throw it out the window or off the roof of their office building. It really snubs the cities recent campaign to keep the city clean and ignores the street cleaners' feelings.

Kenny got an old fashioned shave with a straight razor. Mia was freaking out with visions of meat pies and Sweeny Todd.

More really trees!

Outside of the public library

At dinner!

Mia and Kenny at the bar

In San Telmo

Mia in the San Telmo market

Tango dancing in Plaza Dorrego

No explanation necessary

Parque Lezama

So now we are getting ready for the New Year and making food and getting dressed up!!! More photos to come!

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Patrick said...

its beginning to appear that im all over BsAs....destiny is calling