Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It Only Took Three Months

Mom, you will be happy to know that Josh and I have officially been made a job offer. We rejected. Just Kidding!!! Why would anyone in our position reject the offer of 6 hours a week each at 24 pesos an hour four times a week at 8:15 am? Yea that's right. Josh and I have a job!! And in January our hours are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:15-9:45 in one of Buenos Aires' largest office buildings. Its only the beginning though. Starting in March there should be more hours, and there's always the hope of a second job...
For now the unemployed exploits of two expats continues. Today we met Julianna and Austin at the X-British clock tower (It used to be known as the the British Clock Tower until the Faulklands War and now its called the Tower of the Air Force or something because the Air Force is the only part of the armed forces that succeeded in the Faulklands war). Enough history. We were there to say goodbye to Austin properly, and of course this involved maté and wine...and a grapefruit. I'm not sure where the idea came from, and I've never seen or heard of it before, but drinking maté in a pomelo, or a grapefruit is something done here in the summer. ITS AMAZING!!! Sorry, getting ahead of myself. So, Austin brought all the necessary materials: knife, grapefruit, mate, bombilla (the metal straw one drinks maté with), and orange juice. Instead of a gourd, a partially hollowed out grapefruit is filled with maté and then instead of hot water the grapefruit is filled with orange juice. The bitter flavor of the maté, the sweetness of the orange juice (citric brand of course) and the pomelo flavor mixed together to cause a sensation that my mouth decided was the perfect summer treat.

This guy doesn't even like pomelo...but even he was won over by the amazing combo of tastes

After the OJ ran out, we dumped the maté and put the grapefruit half to good use as a wine chalice. Again the pomelo flavor mixed with the wine to create new flavors in our mouths and we reveled in our genius.

We moved to a spot in the sun and threw the disc about while we finished the wine.

Some last minute disc time

And then it was time to say goodbye to Austin. Besides Julianna and Bennett (who aren't leaving till January) Austin is the last of the extranjeros (foreigners) to leave without the intent of return. We had a goodbye dinner for him at an amazing parilla last night, but this was for real. My overwhelming feeling was that I just didn't want him to leave. He was one of my most enthusiastic Spanish and Frisbee teachers, but he also brings a positive excited air with him everywhere he goes. Possibly the most genuine person I've even met with a greater desire to learn, try, experience and grow than anyone I know. He will be sorely missed. I know more people will come and we will make new friends, but the dynamic will never be the same and none of our friends who have left can be replaced.
I couldn't help but think back to my study abroad experience. When I left Italy I left no one behind. All the friends that I made left with me and my main impact on the place was an absence of pasta and gelato. When I missed Italy it was the streets, the restaurants, and the tastes I remembered. No people. These people we've had to say good bye to these past few weeks are not only leaving us behind, but Colombians and Porteños too. Their host families will miss them, and so will their friends. The team they left behind will be sorely affected by our loss, and they made our time here far better than it would have been without them. I admire them so much for really having become a part of the community here and realize that Josh and I too have a life here now. We are no longer visitors even if our visa says we are. At dinner the other night I looked around and noticed there were four North Americans and five South Americans and of course the conversation was mostly in Spanish and I felt honored and lucky to be there.
Anyway, to drown our sorrows and to celebrate the festival and our new jobs we had a Hanukah party!!! Champagne, leftover meat from dinner the night before and latkas!!! Erin celebrated her first Hanukah and brought homemade apple sauce and eventually Julianna arrived with the potatoes and the grating commenced. Soon after we began to fry our potato pancakes and soon enough dinner was ready.
Team Latka Friers

So we continue to enjoy beautiful Buenos Aires, but with fewer people for now. Hopefully all those who claim to be returning will return and I know there are knew people in our horizons. And visitors!!! It is the official 5 day countdown till the arrival of Kenny and Mia. All of the places we have tried to go to but have been thwarted from doing so because we always go on the one day everything is closed will be visited, and the beach better make room for us. Hope everyone has a very merry Christmas or a happy Hanukah!

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