Friday, January 3, 2014

What We've Been Wearing

Carlie rocking a ready made tunic and Indian tights:
Sarah in her ready made patiyallas and jcrew tunic:
Me in hand sewn suit made by a
woman we interviewed:
Sara in a hand sewn tunic:
Me rocking my jean jacket with Indian tights and a hand sewn tunic:
Pramiti rocking some ready made fashion she picked up from her trip to India with her family a month ago:
Sarah rocking Pramiti's tunic and jeans:

And of course when in India this is a must:
We try to look good no matter what, even when flying kites, or pata:

However, no matter what we do, Jaydeep (pictured with Carlie) is always giggling at us.

1 comment:

Ann Behar said...

You all look adorable and so comfortable! Why do we all wear skinny jeans?