Sunday, January 5, 2014

Day 7 - I'm not lucky I'm blessed

Market at night:
There is nothing like starting your day with yoga, a good breakfast, and a trip to the Jala Temple for a blessing.  I left feeling only a little confused, with a Tika on my forehead for protection, a palm full of golden raisins and nuts for my mouth and a rose petal to keep in my purse.  I’d like to go back and experience it without focusing on documenting the experience, but since I did here is what I took for your viewing pleasure:

We had another full day back in the villages.  We got in interviews with a paralegal, a survivor and a midwife.  The houses people live in are fascinating to me.  The animals live in a walled in front yard which is attached to an open room which I would think of as a porch structurally, but which functions as a living room/bedroom.  Seeing as this is the coldest time of the year and the weather is amazing (and it rarely rains) it makes sense that the houses would be so open.  I’m not sure what they do around 6 pm when swarms of mosquitos come out to torture humans.  Other than that it makes sense.
We also played soccer with the guards, ate delicious food as usual, and went to the market for fabric and other impulse purchases that cost no more than a few dollars. I’m going to test how easy it is to have a Western style dress made by a tailor. If it doesn’t work out, it will be no great loss.  The fabric cost $3. 
I would write more but I am exhausted.  No rest for the weary here and I traded my siesta for soccer so I am extra sleepy.  Hope everyone is well at home. 

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