Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Today was a very successful day. It began with a good class, and a really good nap that got a little carried away and was a bit excessive. Yes Dad, I most definitely made it to stage 4 sleep, and it was awesome. But then came a big moment:
I successfully bleached a white dress of mine!!!
It had unidentified party stains all over it (most likely vino was the culprit) and it lay crumpled in my draw for about a month. Well...more. Since Christmas to be exact. But in my defense I was afraid that if I tried to clean it, and failed then I would have a ruined dress, and while it lay in my drawer it still had the potential to be clean. Recently I got up the courage to buy bleach, and a today I decided I would try it.
I really do feel very adult. So the rest of the day was great. I went to my first free Spanish conversation class where I learned a new word: Mandarse. This word means to move, as in to move out of a house. Yes my friends, this verb has suddenly entered my life because I you say? Moving out! We got the official go ahead from our landlady Beatriz who understands that we can't afford her somewhat busted apartment and we are moving to a house not far from here that is about 1/3 the rent! More to come on that later.
After the class I had a lovely time at my friend Tucker's casa. We hung out on his balcony and drank cold maté which chatting all kinds of things. Buena onda. The walk to the subte was wonderful and breezy and I was reluctant to get on it and end this rare and precious time alone on a beautiful cool afternoon. I thought about taking the bus home, but saved my precious monedas (also I wasn't sure which direction to catch it in) and ride the oppressively hot and boring Subte. I exited at the Plaza de Mayo exit and a cool breeze blew past the Casa Rosada and over me. It felt wonderful, and I walked home the long way. Now we are making dinner (soup that our friend Annie made once- yummo!) and then we are headed to this Dub music show. Ciao for now!

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