Monday, January 26, 2009


This is Chimba. I'm not sure if he's been properly introduced yet. His name is Chimba and he our friend Andrés' cat. Yes, Andrés did name his cat cool in Colombian Spanish which is rediculous. This cat is not chimba though. He is infact the nemisis of chimba. And we were doing so well. Just the other day I wrote this exert in an email to Lauren that had her laughing out loud at work:
"Also we are watching someone's cat for a month and a half and I hate it. At least he's stopped peeing on our stuff. Actually it was mostly Mia's stuff. Have you ever smelled cat pee? Who knew it was the strongest grossest smell. Dog pee dosn't smell like that and dogs poop outside where as this cat poops in his too small litter box and then kicks the poop onto the floor while trying to cover it up!!! Its gross, I am apparetnly not a cat person. also he's totally messed up cause he jumped off our friend's balcony to get at a female cat (oh yea, he's not nutered) and broke his leg among other things. Andres didn't want to pay the vet so he bandanged the leg himself. Now it doesn't bend right, and he's crazy. Atleast he doesn't eat with his hands anymore, or his paws I guess. That was weird."
Then last night he cuddled in bed with us all night long. Today we took a nap together!! And then he had to go pee in Josh's closet. Following the tutorial of Kenny (cat master) Josh rubbed his face in it and then had to go to a meeting about a job. So I bravely tood the cat by the scruff, held in in the bathtub as he hissed and flashed his teeth at me, a proceded to dump an entire bucket of water on smelly pee face Chimba. He proceded to hide in this weird wooden thing we have, and he looked so cute I had to take a picture of him. Almost cute enough to make me forget that he peed in our bedroom again...but not quite. Anyway, if you ever want to make your home life stressful and smelly as hell, get an unneutered cat and name him Chimba. And so the adventures of Mr. Chimba continue, as he ensures that our apartment will never be the same again.


Ann Behar said...

Chimba, you are so misunderstood!

Shelley Rolf said...

sounds like chimba has outworn his welcome. sounds like you will be glad, for many reasons, when andres comes back ! xoxo

Austin said...


Lauren Weintraub said...

Sorry I am reading late just trying to catch up but thanks for the small shout out! miss you both so much!