Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Great Return to San Telmo

These past two days we have been blessed with beautiful weather. Yesterday we met up with Stephanie at an organic market which was full of Argentine Hippies. I ate an organic Choripan, and the only difference I could tell was the dry bread. After, we had some tea at Fanie's and then went to Frisbee. It was great to see the smiles light up on people's faces when they realized that this wasn't another random gringo couple coming to play pick up, but two faces that they recognized very well. A lot of people were at a tournament in Uruguay but we got some quality time with a few of my favorite Frisbee players. I even played for a few points but tried very hard to avoid being sore today. I needed my arms to be ready to reach into my wallet because today we spent the afternoon at the San Telmo Market!!!! It was great to be there with money and while I didn't go crazy it was nice to be able to love something and then take it home with me.
Nick met up with us there and we made our way up and down Defensa. I was happy that many of my favorite acts were still there including the puppet show with the drunk puppet dancing tango, and the couple that looks as if it caught in a very strong gust of wind. Also, my Colombian vendor friend remembered me and even reminded me that I had supposedly promised to bring him a Frisbee from the US. Oops.

We made our way to La Plaza de Mayo which was bathed in a setting sun's light and made our way back to Uli's neighborhood where we bought meat for our first big asado since we've been back! Lots of friends came for the asado and the company was as good as the meat. There was music, dancing, eating, more dancing, drinking, more eating, and more eating. And even a brindis (a toast) to Josh and me for bringing everyone together and for the wedding. The asado only ended on the early side (12:30 ish) because everyone except for us had work the next day. I myself was exhausted and very full and grateful to go to sleep!

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Ann Behar said...

Sounds like a perfect day!